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Distress is Normal!!

Distress is a universal human experience, and learning to embrace it is the key to reducing it. 

Our bodies are programmed to respond to threat, though sometimes we get our wires crossed about which threats we should be responding to. Fearing distress will increase it, we can promise you that. But it's kind of like a shadow puppet. the image on the wall is scarier than the shape causing the shadow. 

At OSCAR, we hope to share some tips for getting better sleep, learning more about sleep and taking more control of it.

The Distress Cycle

Hi folks, here is a quick look at the distress cycle. It's a model that I have developed during my work with patients, and I've created a worksheet to help you work through it.

Schema Modes - Part 1

I am a schema therapist at heart. I was lucky enough to attend a training workshop with Ida Shaw and Joan Farrell in 2014 and immediately fell in love with schema mode therapy. It offers a unique way of conceptualising early childhood experiences and explaining how they influence our emotions, behaviours and coping styles as an adult. Here I have tried to briefly explain how the modes fit together. There is a handout of the modes if you click on the button at the top of the page.


And yes, we know that we accidentally cut off the top of the board. My Healthy Adult is telling my Perfectionistic Overcompensator to sit with it. the handout should help fill in the blanks.

Schema Mode Therapy - Part 2

Following the presentation by Jess about how the schema modes fit together, I asked Jess to explain a few more things for me.

Three States of Mind

The three states of mind: Emotional Mind, Rational Mind and Wise Mind was a concept developed by Marsha Linehan when she first created DBT. We often talk to our patients about the benefit of using your Wise Mind, but so often people don't know how to access it. Here Jess gives an example of an imagery exercise designed to help you connect with and visualise your wise mind.

Leave us a comment if you found this helpful.

Brene Brown

What can I say. This woman embodies her own message of being brave enough to show her vulnerability. She is teaching the world that vulnerability is not a dirty word; it is not something to be ashamed of, and when channelled appropriately, can be one of the most important qualities of being human.

Check out the Queen of Vulnerability in this TED talk.