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Who we are can change during our lives, especially with mental illness or psychological injury. 

Whether you had a good sense fo self and that has been rocked lately, or you never felt like you had a sense of who you are, it might be time to stop and reflect on your relationship with yourself and figure out what direction you are heading. 

Kati Morton

How to stop hating yourself

Kati Morton is a therapist from the US. Here she talks about using bridging statements to try to create a shift in your self esteem by modifying your self talk. 


Need to get to know yourself better?


Have you heard of Jordan Peterson? He seems pretty popular on YouTube and he has his own podcast.  Well he developed this online self-help tool of guided journalling to get to know yourself better. It has options for Past, Present and Future Authoring. Just a heads up - it's not free. It's about $30 USD per section.