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OSCAR Resources

Need some resources?

Bringing you a range of worksheets and handouts for online psychology and mental health resources. 

Some of these worksheet and handouts accompany our talks which can be found on our Youtube channel or our others pages. 

Are your emotions over-controlled?

An overview of the theory and therapy for overcontrol. 

Here we provide a brief description of the characteristics of someone who is over-controlled in their emotional expression and how Radically Open Dialectical Behavioural Therapy proposes to treat it. 

Want to assess your level of overcontrol?

Styles of Coping Word Pairs

If you are interested in checking your own level of control, this list of coping styles asks you to tick which word most suits you from each pair. Then add up the number from each column. More from column A suggests Undercontrol, whereas column B shows Overcontrol. 

The Distress Cycle

Understanding your distress and how to manage it.

This worksheet accompanies Dr Al's talk on the distress cycle. Use it to get a better understanding of the process of distress so you can do something about it before you become overwhelmed. 

Schema Therapy Modes Model


A diagram of the schema modes and how they interact.

This worksheet accompanies Jess's talk on Schema Therapy Modes (Part 1) and shows how the different types of schema modes fit together.