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Sleep = Life

Sleep is a delicate balance between sleep drive and arousal

Sleep is one of the most fundamental parts of life, yet often overlooked in its importance of treating mental illness. 

At OSCAR, we hope to share some tips for getting better sleep, learning more about sleep and taking more control of it.

Dr Matthew Walker

One of the world's leading researchers on the ever changing landscape of sleep science, Matt Walker is determined to share his knowledge with the world to help everyone to sleep better. 

Check out the self proclaimed Sleep Ambassador in this TED talk. 

Podcast: The Drive by Peter Attia, M.D.

In a three part interview, Peter Attia interviews Matt Walker to discuss his emerging research in the dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer's risk, mental health, memory consolidation and more. 

Click on the button to link to The Drive or download on your podcast platform of choice. Look for episodes 47-49.

Podcast: Found My Fitness by Rhonda Patrick, M.D.

In a different interview with Matthew Walker, Rhonda Patrick talks about sleep for enhanced learning, creativity, immunity and the glymphatic system. 

Click on the buttons to either check out the Found My Fitness website or go straight to iTunes for the podcast.

Book: Why We Sleep

Released in 2017 by Dr Matthew Walker, this book gives an incredible overview of the research on sleep and dreaming, including why we need sleep, what happens when we don't get enough sleep and how science is working to help people to get more. 

It's a bit heavy on the science, but Jess was in raptures reading this, and it formed the basis of the new treatment program she wrote for work. If you already have some anxiety about sleep, this could be a little scary, but if you love science and research and understanding they why like we do, give it a go. 

Binaural Beats

Have you heard of this? Binaural beats is a particular type of music where a two sounds are generated at two slightly different frequencies, that are designed to induce a specific type of brain wave.

Research has suggested that with regular listening can reduce anxiety, and those utilising delta waves can promote deep wave sleep (as these are the types of brain waves we have during deep sleep naturally). 

Click on this button the read the article that summarises some of the research